Additional inspection

For our foreign customers we do provide "Additional inspection" service in order to ensure the required quality level of the project and to keep the Client informed about the actual progress comparing with the time-schedule.

The following items are usually being inspected during the project's performance:

  • Quality plan
  • Inspection plan
  • Actual progress comparing with time-schedule
  • Usage of the workshop drawings according to the latest revisions
  • Basic inspection report form
  • Welding plan
  • WPSs / WPQRs 
  • Welders qualifications and certificates
  • Welding coordinators certificates
  • Welding consumable certificates
  • Material certificates
  • NDT-test reports (Visual inspections, measure inspections, magnetic particle inspections and ultrasonic inspections)
  • Inspection during the surface treatment performance
  • Surface treatment inspection reports
  • Declaration of performance
  • CE-marking.
Additional inspection is being performed by the qualified personnel 
(IWE/EWE; NDT - level 2; FROSIO 3)

Please contact us by the phone for more information: +371 2714 6694 (EN)

Additional Inspection Reports (AIR) are containing text information, visual images and sometimes video records: